If only I had known

If only I had known. This statement comes from many people reaching out to me for help. Cancer and other health problems have come to the forefront of their lives.

One doctor mentioned recently to one of my clients that the toxins in the environment are the leading cause of the increase in ‘rare’ cancers, especially breast cancer.

Yet, there are three things we can do when it comes to the environmental toxins around us.

First – our lawns – everything put on the lawn can impact health. I personally have a well that is our water source. Because of this, we don’t use any chemicals on the lawn or near the home. The run-off can easily get into our shallow well.

This also means our lawn may be green but not because of grass. We have the healthiest weeds ever! I have a constant supply of dandelion greens for salad and roots for tea.

With Trixie running all over our land we have been very cautious to avoid toxic chemicals. Dogs are being diagnosed with cancers at an alarming rate also.

So, think twice about using chemicals – especially Round-Up or Weed Be Gone, on the lawn. The chemicals can be tracked into the home and babies can get them in their mouths from playing on the floor.

Second – Home Cleaners

I am not in favour of using vinegar for cleaning because of the smell, but I do have vinegar in my prepper supplies in case I need to revert to this process.

Instead, I use very safe effective cleaners. In the Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual, I have outlined all the hazards of cleaners in the home and the health affect this causes. This is not something to take for granted.

Numerous auto-immune issues, hormone disruption, and even endocrine disruptors are caused by home cleaners.

Yet, today there are numerous options for a clean safe home without costing too much.

As I mentioned vinegar and baking soda are perfect options and they are the least expensive option.

Branch Basics is a brand I have been using for the past year. I love condensed products that I can refill as needed. The dishwasher tablets are excellent. They also have the main concentration that can be made using the different bottles. Everything you need to replace dozens of toxic cleaning products. And the products are economical!

Third – Water Purifier Heavy metals are toxic to the body. Even cleaned water supplied by the county of your home will be repopulated with bacteria and toxins by the time it reaches your home. The land is being fertilized by human biosolids. Human biosolids are exactly what you are thinking. This includes pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. This leaches into our water supply.

To provide safe water for the family a good purifier is necessary.

There are good options on the market.

These filters remove:

  • Carcinogens
  • Heavy Metals
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine (we are on a well, so this is not an issue)
  • Agricultural run-off (chemicals)
  • Bacteria


Three ways you can prayerfully never say “If I had only known” Because the more we are preventative the more we are enjoying our days.

Cancer grows for up to 20 years before it shows as a diagnosis. When we test regularly with blood work as I have shared numerous times and when we make sure to decrease the toxic load on our body, we are giving our body a break to prevent tumours a chance to thriving.

My personal goal to you is to help you finish this race well – to hear God tell you: Well Done!

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